Hello Friends,

Hello to all,

Iam having an issue regarding the Jquery facebox
i applied jquery facebox to my login form and its working great now.

But the problem is when we click on facebox link without the total loading of page it si opening in anothe window.

but the client dont requires that.

can u please sujjest any other alternative which is fastly loading
how to minimize the time to load.
it may be javascript r any
but require box like Jquery.

Thank u

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I use facebox for popups - I don't understand your problem? Why is fb taking so long to load? It's fast as hell for something so trivial as a login box, surely? Are you adding the content dynamically or is it from a hidden hard-coded div in the page? The facebox should prevent any links from being pressed on the main page. Sorry, confused.


Thanks for your fast Reply Ardav,

My requirement is when i click on Login button the face box with login window(means username and password fileds) has to display.

But my problem is when i refreshed the page and at the time of refreshing means after the Login button came when i click on the Login the facebox window which has to be popping is showing in a seperate window(its not popping as facebox).

can anyone please provide solution for this.

Thanks in advance .

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