hello mods!!

i am a newbie in jsp and just wanted to ask a basic question!

i have a small jsp code for displaying the date and time.

i have tomcat6 and apache web server installed on my linux machine(using fedora 12).

can somebody plzz tell me how to run my jsp code on tomcat server?
when i put the address as http://localhost:8080/aa.jsp

(aa.jsp is the name of jsp file!!)
i get a blank page!!
i think that my apache and tomcat are not connected thats y theres is such a problem!!
in that case plzz tell me how to connect them on port 80 so that i can run my jsp!
w8in for ur replies on this!!

i just want to remind u that i am using fedora 12!!

fedora or any kind of linux i ts not a problem..

your index.jsp working fine is it?
then check your code in jsp...

where is index.jsp and how will it run?

Do reply as i am completely new 2 this!!

You don't need to run Apache Web Server to test your servlet applications. Tomcat is a webserver as well as a servlet container and by default listens to HTTP requests on port 8080.

The problem in your case is that you haven't placed your web application name in the URL. Assuming your web application (WAR file) name is "SampleWebApp", then the URL http://localhost:8080/SampleWebApp/aa.jsp should work assuming you have a JSP file aa.jsp deployed and it doesn't have any compile time errors.

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