I'd like to serialize and deserialize an object using SilverLight.

Thanks in advance.

Once upon a time there was a person with a lot of questions... this person had internet access, a computer, a fully functional keyboard and access to countless resources to research their answers...

As they travelled down the internet superhighway they saw a roadsign that said GOOGLE - We've got the answers you need!! but they ignored it and kept going...

Further down the road the question filled traveller came across another roadsign that said MSDN Resource Library - If you have questions, we've got answers!! but they ignored it and kept going...

Eventually this person came across the DaniWeb IT Discussion Community where a sign proudly proclaimed "We only give (homework) help to those who show effort." and they thought to themselves... "AHA!!! This is where I can go to ask for immediate answers to all my questions without having to do any work towards finding a solution myself!!"

The story hasn't ended yet but I'm sure you know how it goes :)

Dear Lusiphur,
Thanks for your comment, But there is a point you should take in your mind:
This(Daniweb) is a forum to help our selves, the person who wants help, find who helps him ...!!!

I don't disagree :)

And if you looked at the links I included they all point towards potential resources to find the information you need.

The one thing I would point out however, is that a single line statement is not generally a question that indicates any attempts on the part of the asker to have gained the information in any way other than to drop it in the forum and expect the answer handed to them :)

And to add to that sentiment, I took the liberty of looking briefly over some of the previous question types you've asked in the forums and many of them are asked in a similar vein "I want to do X, how do I do that?" without any indication of prior effort to find the solution yourself.

If you note, the phrasing of my initial response was somewhat couched in mild humor whereas I could have simply said "help yourself before you expect others to do the work for you."

I do hope the links I provided in my initial reply help you to find your solution :) Best of luck.