I am a very new php web developer. I studied php, mysql recently. I want to start a php web project. Please help me to find out a free tools (which is very easy) to develope a web application. I installed xampp in my system.
Thank you

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Really all you need is a text editor of some kind. You could try an IDE such as Eclipse PDT as this offers features such as code completion and syntax error highlighting, but you can develop in PHP using any text editor and there are many free ones out there. Good luck!

At a minimum, you need some sort of text editor to use in writing your code. There are other useful free tools out there. You can see my list at: SNIP

Try and get an editor with autocomplete/code assist feature, it'll make your life easier

Thank you all for your reply. If i use any php ide, will i need xampp still? sorry for asking very basic questions.

of course you need xampp :) that's the server which will `compile` your code and run it

many ide include an internal version of the php interpreter so others become a little superfluous, AS Long As the included version is current or updateable.
I use DevPHP thumbdrive version to take to clients offices, its very small fits on a 512mb thumbdrive, no install, but use xampp at 'home' as DevPhp has limited sql support

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Aptana is a decent IDE. Have a look at Netbeans and Notepad++ as well. Horses for courses. I manage to use 3 or 4 different IDEs, depending on the project (degree of complexity/requirements). If you're going in for design as well - most people do when they start off - you'll need a decent graphics package. I suppose Gimp is OK.

you need XAMPP because it is the main object or functionality tool for creating your website

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