I wrote a search form for a database but I would like the user to be able to add sequential rows with an add button. I have tried it a couple of different ways but haven't gotten the results I am looking for. Is this something that can be done in PHP or should I be using Javascript?

Thanks in advance!

What you exactly like to do?
You want to add new record in database?

By java script you can show dynamic row and by clicking on submit button, using php you can insert that values in database.

Make clear what do u want to do..If u write ur source code then it will be easy for us to response u.
In php there are many ways to add rows in database... one by one as well storing values in array and through loop u can store multiple values at a time in db.

Sorry for the confussion, let me rephrase what I mean. I have a web form whose job is to search the database. My goal is to create a form that allows the user to add a row consisting of a drop down list and an input text field each time they click the add button. At the same time, the application needs to take each drop down selection and text the user typed in and create a SQL query out of it.