i am doing one concept.but i have no idea to do that concept. plz nybody give an idea for that....

actually there is a site which have the registered restaurents on that site at the same another side user registration is there. now user login then automatically display distinct restaurents which is in that site. how to display distinct restaurents?

and next problem is administrator divided 3 jones . each jone having diffrent shipping charge. i mean the distance between restaurent and user address is equall to with in the one mile then charge one shipping charge. if there is a 2 miles distance between restaurent and user then charges another shipping charge?

how to do this...anybody give an idea for this problem...


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i want to create 2regions(region:1,shape:circle, distance:1km),(region:2,shape:circle, distance:2km) from origin. how to do using google map api. i search a lot but there is not find any solution for me. anybody help me.....

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