Hello,i want to hide my actual download link from my website. when anyone click the contents they got direct download link.

here is my code

echo "<a href=\"".$download."\">Get File</a>";

they got direct link like this


i want to make it like http://localhost/downloads/6885a6c38d6e9bcc201326902269658a (its md5)
or any other method you should prefer.


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Do you want to have a specific download link depending on the customer (i.e a secure download system), or simply mask the download link?

If it's the latter, you could always have a script like:

header('Location: http://www.example.org/path/to/download/file.pdf');

And then link to the PHP file. This way they'll see the PHP file and not the download link itself (I think)

its secure file system

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