Is there any advantages to make web site using JAVA?
I think PHP is much bettter to use.

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PHP is very good for small projects. It is not all that scalable, however, and is not suited to large projects. JSP/Servlets are, generally, also faster (when written with comparable quality, whatever that may be).

There is a great advantage with java is it's platform compatibility and reliability.
once a java code has compiled it can be run anywhere, if you require more code security then you can use srvlet for web development.
php can also be use but it is best for small scale projects.

Java is best for developing website. Some advantage are:
1. Java is platform independent.
2. It is robust language.
3. Java is object oriented.
4. It has multitasking facility.

I'm sorry, but those are features. They are only advantages when applicable.

#1 is not applicable if the system being designed is only going to run on a single platform (regardless of which).
#2 is only applicable if it is needed. A simple site with a few pages of only minorly interactive content won't
#3 so are many others, and, I can repeat the #2 statement
#4 a complete repeat of the #3 advice.

Once again, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be harsh, but not all features of a language are necessarily an advantage in all situations. In fact, each of those features is a distinct disadvantage when my counter points are applied.

Discover the requirements, then analyse your choices, don't attempt to use a pat list of "features" as "advantages" and blind yourself to the realities. And, when offereing it as advice than qualify the statements.

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