Hi members,

I need a form mail but for free. Something like a form :

<FORM action=http://www.xxx.nl/cgi-bin/mailto method=post><INPUT type=hidden value=myemail@yahoo.com name=sendmail_to><FONT face=arial size=2> </FONT><INPUT type=hidden value=http://www.xxx.com/ name=next_url><FONT face=arial size=2> </FONT>
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0>

I hope that now you understand my example. Please help !

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Why don't you create your own using the php mail() function? See the php manual. There are loads of free samples on the web. I came acorss this nifty little program the other day. I think it was called goggle or something. Anyway, when you type in some words about things you want to find, it lists websites that have this information. Ain't technology great? I wonder what they'll think of next? But there again, I bet you don't really need any help, seeing that you look like a seasoned sig spammer. You can roll out some cheap suck-the-energy-out-of-the-internet advertising, but you can't search for php formmail? For shame.