Hallo all,

I am running a coupon website which will promote some website using coupons.
I am using wordpress CMS.

I would like to ask if somebody here could give me some enlightenment.

I am using wordpress now and I would like everytime I post a coupon for a website like www example1. com
it will automatically retrieve meta keywords value
<meta name="keywords" content="perfume, fragrances, aftershave cosmetics, skin care, body, bath, beauty, products, moisturisers" />

the script will automatic retrieve content from meta keywords and post it as a tag on my posting.

could anyone help me?


You can use file_get_contents, then parse the data to extract the Meta Tag information. This would, most like would require that the site has valid meta tag syntax, many do not.

$file = file_get_contents('http://www.example.com/', false, $context);

You can combine with a preg match to extract the data from the meta tags. Setup a database or flat based file system for later retrieval.