How to deploy (visual studio 2008) web application on a remote server?
I am developing a web application in visual studio 2008.
I want to deploy the application on a remote server.
I have try a few ways on how to do it based on reference from internet.
But, it didn't work. Can someone give me the correct way how to do it?
Many of the way that i found from internet is for visual studio 2005.
So, there is certain thing that is not same. I think that's why it didn't work.
How to do that? help me...

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Maria it is so easy to do......
Firstly you open your website which you want to be upload in VS. then go to File>>New>>Projects>>Other Application>>Deployement>>Finish

You create a set up file and a MSI file by doing the above.
and upload this to the server using file upload software like Filezila.....

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