I have just developed my first 'large' application in ASP.net. I have developed many smaller web pages and sites and never really had this issue. In VS everything looks crisp and clean and is layed out perfect via CSS. After uploading the code to my server all my alignments are messed up and some of my CSS looks like maybe its not nesting correctly in itself...? No code changed.... why does it look different from server to server ><? Please advise.

Well I was able to rectify this issue by removing my CSSClass from my link buttons then wrapping them in similar <div class="xxx"> wrappers. The issue was coming from my Float:Left on the linkbuttons (<a> in html/css land). Once those were removed the issues went away. Wrapping in a <div class="xxx"> then just adding appropriate margins I was able to retain the same formatting without any major changes.