hello people, i'm new here in Daniweb and very much interested in web development(Specially php,mysql,ajax based web applications). I know HTML and CSS, but don't have any past experience in any scripting/ programming language like javascript or c(though i know basics of C), java etc. Some of my friends suggested me to learn c++ first so that i can understand the concept of OOP and then javascript and after that PHP or take the path C++ > PHP > Javascript.Few are suggesting to learn first ruby on rails etc leaving me more confused.
So my question is:
What should be the exact path to become a good web developer? Do i need to learn any other language first for understanding PHP?Would self study only help?What are the study materials/books you would suggest?
any help would be highly appreciated.

Well there is no "exact" to learn programming. You find a way that suits you best and you stick with it. I suggest you start off with php because it is a bit simpler and it can be fun. Take some online tutorials and shops for php books like o'reilly's books. Start of small with mini tutorials set up a free host to practice on or you can download Wamp with is a localhost with php, mysql, Apache, and phpmyadmin to help you develop offline. Google search it "WAMP".

Thanks ApocDen,but the problem is I started a bit learning in that way and setup xampp in my pc for study purpose.But soon few people in other forum started telling me that starting with PHP is not a good thing to do as then I would never be able to understand the OOP concept and it would be hard for me to understand MVC structure and I would find myself lost in midway..::(

Well C++ is very hard program to start programming with. PHP is very easy to start because their is less things to deal with. Trust i have being programming in php for 5 years i have just started C ++ like 6 months ago. With that in mind if you are interested in software application in stead of web applications then Start with C++ but if you like it the other way round start with PHP. Again this is finding a way you like. Try and make it fun, it will be easier that way. :)

Thanks a zillion for your valuable suggestion.Can you suggest me books/tools to start with and the path to take as I go along please?I have found that nobody around me here is actually capable of telling me at what point and how to start learning concepts like OOP and MVC or things required for professional developements,API integrations etc.Can you tell me which things I should learn one by one(Like PHP,MYSQL,XML,Javascript,AJAX etc) and if possible reference/books for them.
The right steps are important I think as in that case no matter how tough the road is I would be assured I'm on right track and someday reach my destiny if keep trying.
Again many many thanks in advance for your kind help and suggestions.

If you choose to learn remember that it is a delicate process. What you learn, and the way you learn it, influences how you code. That is why it is crucial that you learn it correctly. My suggestion is to go with W3Schools AND Tizag

W3Schools is where I learned PHP. I still use it when i forget a function or need to look it up. It has a plain basic interface, nothing special, but the knowledge it contains is very helpful, and will lead you towards the right path to programming.


Tizag is one of the favorites amongst developers, and provides very in-depth, easy to understand tutorials. Their no-frills website has several things about PHP that will help you in the long run.


There are several PHP learning sites out there. Zend is the company that offers the Send PHP Certification, something you may become interested in getting if your job requires it. LearnPHP.org Has several tutorials. They go in-depth to several CMS (Content Management Systems), something you may find useful. About.com is another good site for learning, and offers some well written tutorials.

PHP Editors
Ok, so now that you have something that can run PHP, and you have begun learning it, the next step is programming it.
Adobe Dreamwaver is one of the best. I have been using it since it was under micromedia. It is very expensive if you choose to use it. try a fee trial first.

Notepad++ is a completely Free PHP Editor. It offer code highlighting and folding, as well as editors for several languages.

So what ever way you choose is up to you Enjoy it :D

some people get it.. some don't. I know html enough to get me by & can fool around css and make it work and have a decent page going. but php.. damm, the guy who dreamed up that engine must have had 1 to many and struck gold. i can't figure out 1 darn line, well, maybe one.. <?php begging then ?> at the end lol. 2 yrs here and there and im just not getting it, ZERO. ApocDen is right about that Dreamwaver, works well, WinMerge is good too. Notepad++ is cool. glad i heard about it down the grapevine. People are starving for help with their sites and so many questions to answer, one could be retired by now. one could save thousands & make millions at the same time. good luck to you.. my check book is waiting. lol