Connection with server takes a long time and provides "No message either it is timeout or someother thing other than time out". The state of the mouse during that time will be in "cursor: wait (an hourglass)" state.

This problem is being faced occationationly, but now a days it become frequent.

The website is working properly as per the design flow.

We are having 3 types of users - one is for data entering people, one for maintaining database, one is endusers.

An enduser who is the customer of the website, should login with the main page of the website.

The enduser who is either the people entering data or the people maintaining database, should have to give login through the different page exists in the website. These two users comes under the catagory "admin".

According with the user as data maintaining or the user for entering data who have logged in, the co-ordinate page get opened for viewing & editing the customer details of the website for the user of data maintaining and the page through which the datas uploaded in the server, opened when the user is the people of entering data.

The problem facing is that when the user of the catagory "admin" logged-in, the coordinate pages is not getting opened according with the type of user logged-in. There is no error message occurs. After entering the username, password and when submit button is clicked, the mouse will be in "cursor: wait (an hourglass)" state until we closes the window forcibly.

Meantime, during the other period of time other than the period of problem, it is working fine with the same code. Now-a-days the problem is occuring frequent.

Also during this problem, only the users under the "admin" catagory faces this problem. The endusers who are the customers of the website, are able to login and there is no problem for them since they are log-in with different page.

What will be the problem? If it is with code, then it should stop working permenently. Now it is working partially which makes me get confused. Kindly help me regard this.

M.Sworna Vidhya