I need an answer to a problem with iframe below.
I have an iframe jsp page which is a popup window from an other jsp page.
The iframe jsp popup window has few buttons.
I need the return reponse of button clicked from iframe in parent window.
BTW the parent window is not an iframe.

Could you please get me a solution for this?



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you can access the parent window with the opener or the parent property:
- if a document opens a page in a new browser window (for example, by an anchor element or the open method), then the opener property can be used in the child document to access the parent window object.
- if the current document is within a frame or iframe and you need the window that hosts the current window, use the parent property.

Example for frames:

in the parent window:

	function OnFrameButtonClick () {
		alert ("You clicked on a button in the frame");

in the child frame window:

        function OnButtonClick () {
				// check whether the parent window and the OnFrameButtonClick method exist
			if (window.parent && parent.OnFrameButtonClick) {
				parent.OnFrameButtonClick ();
	<button onclick="OnButtonClick ()">Test</button>

You can find further examples on the following sites:
opener property,
parent property.

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