Incissor... you have any ideas for a script (something that you put into a big asp script) that will considerably slow down the server? So far, i've been able to develop a script that will make the computer go into a loop, but i don't want that. I want something to be able to considerably slow down the computer. Preferably, something that will slowly, but efficiently, slow down the server. Any ideas? I got one, but i haven't tried it yet.
For wateve=1 to 9999
(*some code here*)

Ok... while writing the above script, the best thing would be not to do:
set object = nothing

But, i would prefer to make the slow-down script more hidden, rather than just not closing the object. Any ideas? would be appreciated

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I don't see why you would want this except for being a pain in the ass towards some host company. Either way, you'd find out somehow... so... the simplest way is to make an infinite while loop and throwing some junk in the middle, like multiple nested subqueries, and complex usage of multidimensional arrays... also try accessing 2^N recursive functions.

Not loops... i made that once. Lol!! in less than a minute it was asking to increase the page file size from 600 megs to 1.5 gigs.

2^n recursive functions? Make the comp factor a really really big number? Lol... i'm gonna do that.

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