I know I've been doing alot of asking an hopefully when I learn enough I can do some answering but heres my question:

How can I combine 3 for inputs (year, month, day) into one hidden form called date?

I am assuming I would have to do something like a php echo thingy?

the page is index.php if you are wondering

Thanks again!

show some codes of what you have already done,

The whole index.php is huge. heres an excerpt to what pertains to this:

<tr id='hideablearea4' style='visibility:hidden'>
                        <td width="116"><span style="font-size:10pt;">Custom Date:</span></td>
					                           <td width="156">
                              <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="month" VALUE="" maxlength="2" size="3"> /
							<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="day" VALUE="" maxlength="2" size="3"> /
							<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="year" VALUE="" maxlength="4" size="5"> (mm/dd/yyyy)

<A HREF="#" onClick="cal10.showCalendar('anchor10'); return false;" TITLE="cal10.showCalendar('anchor10'); return false;" NAME="anchor10" ID="anchor10">select</A>

I want to make a hidden form I am assuming would be something like this:

<INPUT TYPE= "hidden name="date"  VALUE= "<?php SOMETHING HERE ?>" >

I just dont know how to retrieve a form that hasnt been submitted yet so I dont know what the "Something here" actually is.

Another side question: With .php websites you have the flexibility of php and html with .html you only have html does it make sense to make all your websites html so you have that flexibility later on?

Yes it makes sense to design your site in html first, but if you know your are going to use php later on make the extension .php.

I think this is what you maybe looking for when it comes to the hidden form bit

<INPUT TYPE= "hidden name="date"  VALUE= "<?php echo ".$_POST['day']."; ?>" >

lol I didnt know post worked if it wasn't submited yet. Gotcha thanks!

Update: getting syntax error on the code you provided. Looking into it.

Update 2: I think this is it:

<?PHP echo "<input type=hidden name=date value=".$POST['month' . 'date' . 'year'].">"; ?>
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