Hi guys!! I'm currently developing an opensource CMS. but I've noticed that lots of Pro Programmers use Linked List. and of course if I want to make a opensource CMS I want to code it Professional way. that's why I've decided to use Linked List instead. the problem is I really don't know how linked list work O_O

I know there's tons of tutorials on the net. but believe me. none of them can help me. so I want to ask you to post the Simplest Basic Beginner's Noob-est Tutorial of linked list. Thank you :D

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Well now it depends how your files are stored.
for example drupal and joomla store their files on a database.
and my cms uses ftp and a "one domain for all sites" priority.

so seen as how the user will probably never look at your code you can do what you like.
just output the list that is easiest for you.

if your pages are stored on a databse. a noob version is a while query.

if your pages are actual files use the php function "readdir"

for both of these just make each file link to the page you want to edit. for eample edit.php?page=index%2Ephp

easy as that.

hope this helps :)


Thank you! but what I meant in Linked list is how to use it... I mean like this

$NewData-> New $User;
like that one. Thanks :D


Ah yes the arrow operator that everyone uses but noone seems to talk about LOL

it means from.

so the statement $this->$that just means I want to use "this" method from "that" class.

its OOP (object Oriented Programing)

so $user is your object. and $newdata is your method or property in the $user class.

Does this make sense?


OHHH!! thanks!! that's it! hahaha! I thought it was Linked List hahaha :D


No probs, Yeah proudly a kiwi haha

Why New Zealanders calls themselves Kiwis? Is that a nation symbol like giraffe is for my nation?

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