Hi all,

I have created several validations to my forms in the web site.If a particular field is empty then a message box displayed "Please enter name/address/contact number etc.At the same time if I added data successfully to the database there is a message box displaying and saying " Data has been added successfully to the database".

But the icon displayed of the message boxes are similar in both these situations.(When something not entered and successfully entered)

I want to know how can the icon of the message box can be changed?
It should be appeared differently for a successful data entry.....


Sorry, can't suggest you anything without sample code. The problem with your explanation is that I do not know how you deal with icon and how you put your icon in the page.

Can you play with different IDs for your pictures? Something like that:

<script type="text/javascript">
var c=0
var s
function picts()
if (c%5==0){
document.getElementById('pictures').src = "photos/pic1.jpg";
if (c%5==1){
document.getElementById('pictures').src = "photos/pic2.jpg";

Good luck!