Hi all,

I need some advice, I've been asked to connect an html application to a .net application. I have a login form in the html that needs to be authenticated and the user to be brought into the .net app, how can I use the same authentication functions in .NET to login the user from html app into the .net app?? I can't change the html page with the login form to a .net form. Help anybody?


L. Dean

copy the viewstate of login.aspx page to login.html page..

keep the same naming convention and.

while posting the form target should be login.aspx

in order to process your page

I'm looking at using ajax post calls to the login page, still working on this...

How do I: copy the viewstate of login.aspx page to login.html page.?

I'm sorry, I'm just now coming around to realize what you want me to do. at first after I copied the viewstate to the html page, I also needed to add the __EVENTVALIDATION , but now it simply takes me to the login page and inserts the username with no password

still working on this