i need some advice, looking for someone to point me to somewhere which would be a cheap/free sms text gateway to integrate with my existing mysql/php site.

need to be able to record texts that are sent to clients.

do we need an sms gateway provider?

many thanks

If you are you just sending SMS, then you don't need a gateway. SMS messages can be sent as an email if you know who the cell phone provider is for the person that you are sending to. There are lots of previous posts on this topic on Daniweb so you can get some additional info by doing a search.

thanks i have had a look, however if they do not know the provider then it cant be sent can it?

need to use a gateway then? what is best one for the uk?

thanks again

If you have access to the server you can use a usb gprs/3g/4g modem to send text messages.

i do have access, any particular you would recommend?

and does this not cost per text then?


Any kind should work fine, you can then use something like the phpserial class to send at commands directly to the modem.

It depends on your sim contract, most £10 a mounth contracts come with a few thousand free text messages.