Ok I have developed some cf templates to do simple cruds to our database that is newly set up. Eventually at least one more person will be performing these data entry routines. We have an office network, but I thought we had an inhouse local server, which I think we do not. The pc in the "server" room is use more or less as a back up storage pc and some software called profitline which I think manages personel, product inventory, and other things. Now, if I download CF9 development edition to this "server" pc, and "Kathy" the data entry girl needs to update the MySQL database using the coldfusion templates, how can she access those files without CZ server on her desktop. I hope I made this as easy to understand as I could, because I'm kinda confused myself. lol Thanks in advance!

use port 8500 and the local IP address of the CF dev server

so in theory I could sit at one pc, type in the IP address for another pc with a ":8500" for the port and use a coldfusion server thats residing on the pc in another room?

Sounds to easy..lol also sounds like I might be breaking the license agreement for the free CF Developer Edition. I think my best option is to download another CF server development edition to the pc the data entry girl will be using. Maybe?

No, you won't be breaking any license agreements. CF dev allows you to access the server from 2 remote IP addresses.

We have 2 workstations 1 server running CF 8 Dev. and MSsql. both workstations access and the server making coding changes to CF and sql. We setup a mapping for Z: to go to which takes us to the server running CF 8 www.. It's all documented in the CF developers guide.

Great! thanks for the info. Now one problem as I stated before, we dont actually have a server. We have a computer in a room that acts I guess as a network hub, but I think its running windows 7 not windows server OS. I guess it wouldn't be that big of a deal to set that pc up as a server. We have a networking guy that comes in as needed. I also had thought about just connecting to that "hub" pc via remote desktop. Not sure that would work quite the same or not.