Hey, I'm trying to find any tutorial on taking user inputted text and displaying, on that page or another. I know how to upload a file, or provide that service to the user so I figured it might be similar, but I couldn't find any help on this scanning google. Could you guys help me? User inputted text to be displayed on a web-page, not just that time, but stay on the site no matter who went on it?

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I do not understand the question. Do you mean that you want the content to stay on the page forever, which means you are looking for a way in which you can edit that webpage programmaticaly? Or you want that page to be able to retrieve that data everytime it loads. I do not get it could you please elaborate more :-)

I want that content, the user inputted text, to stay on that page forever, unless of course I edit it personally. And could there be a way for a user to delete any individual link? (Also permanantly)

You will have to use either a database. Or if it is very little text, you can use store it in a textfile.

I suggest you lookup mysql qnd php. Plenty of tutorials out there :-)

Ok thanks!

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