hey dear,
i am facing a problem while using MIGS. Problem is this that whenever im direccted to card details (Payment Details Page) amount that i sent t0 the VPC is divided by 100 so causing problems...
so i get foar behind the success message :)

my client is a saudi company and this MIGS module deals in (currency) SAR and my payment method is Server-Hosted Payment using Command:pay
plz help me
Shahzeb Chohan
sftranna at gmail.com

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It seems that MIGS (Mastercard Interface Gateway) is a niche topic and it's hard to find info on it. The developer / supporter is TNS but they don't seem to have support info or a forum on their site, probably because they sell to the Banks and then they rebrand it and provide it to customers. This forum post is about MIGS so you might be able to get some additional info there.

I suggest that you contact the Bank that you are using MIGS to connect to or contact TNS directly and ask them where you can get support.


Thanx chrishea,
after searching many forums i came to the same solution......

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