Hi everyone...
I have designed a page in which i saved two themes. The selection of the theme is controlled by a dropdown list. So, as soon as the theme is selected from the dropdown list, it is applied to the whokle page.
Now, my doubt is ...I want to save the theme when the page is debugged again...i.e the old theme selected must be saved and retrieved on solution build....

can anyone suggest me...pls its a bit urgent....


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yeah, first of all I don't understand your doubt well.
"...I want to save the theme when the page is debugged again"
Wht does this sentence mean?
Page is debugged?
very strange.
I see this term first here.
If you want, u can contact me~~


thnks for ur reply...
I am really sorry...I was unable to tell my requirement.
Actually my problem is ....I have a page in which i have a few themes saved in it...
whenever I select a theme in a dropdownlist...the whole theme must be applied to the page....that works fine for me...
but whenever the user logsout, and later logsin the previously saved theme must be applied for the page for this paricular user........

i have read about usage of cookies for this case.....but can u tell me how can i use them??

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