Can anyone tel me how to get values from the database to work with mail to function??
I mean rather than giving like mailto:xxxxx@xx.com ,I want to take email ids from the database.How should I do it?

I did like this..
<a href = "mailto : $row."></a>
But its not working..:(

Please give a reply..Thanks

In order to access php variables They need to be inside <?php ?> tags.

Assuming that you have previously retrieved the correct row and that the $row now holds the data, you can use:

<a href = "mailto:<?php echo $row['sup_email']?>"></a>

I put that inside a while loop so again no need to put <?php ?> right??
I did like this,

echo "<td class='style3'><a href = mailto:'$email'?subject='FillUpStocks'>$email</a></td>";

And the problems solved...:)
Btw thanks for your reply..