I am currently working to store passwords into my SQLDatabase table. I would like to hash the password columns to make it more secure. I know that i can use either SHA1 or MD5.

Refering to this website, www.codersource.net/csharp_sha_md5_encryption.html, i try to write the VB.NET codes.

Private Sub EncryptPassword()

FormsAuthentication.HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile(txtbox_password.Text, "SHA1")

myDataset.Tables("Member").Rows(myDataIndex)("MemberPassword") = txtbox_confirmpass.Text
End Sub

The hashing works but i am unable to insert it into the database as the hash value. Also, Forms authentication requires me to manually copy and paste the username and password each time to store the hash to the table. I want to be able to store the hashed password to the table directly and i think i can use update statement but it isn't working, my table name is Member, the password column is MemberPassword. Would someone kindly help me. :cry:

What is it that's not working? What is the error or exception you're getting?

You should be able to use the Update method to store data in the database, but your DataAdapter must be setup properly and the types and lengths of your database fields must be capable of storing the hash string. I think your problem is more about reading and writing to the database than hashing a password. Try doing some simple experiments to be sure you can use the Fill and Update methods of the data adapter in the way you expect.

What is the data_type you have set for the column storing this hashed password? char, varchar?

Char, thanks alot, the problem has been resolved!