Hi all,

I need to build a upload-download system similar to mediafire. Is there some customizable open source systems available, which i can download and cuztomize or I have to do it from start. What all things to be take care about. In my case atmost 500 MB of collective data have to be uploaded-Downloaded at once (Multiple Upload at once). Then the questions like "Server specifications to be used", "PHP settings like Max upload size, Execution time" etc arise.

Please guide me with the steps to develop a system in PHP-Mysql.


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Actually I dont need a CMS thing. I have a website fully developed in PHP mysql and need a Heavy file management application to be integrated to it.
SO I have confusions like.. Now server have to be changed for this heavy file upload and download and PHP settings to.....I need some guidelines :(


Thank you for your time. At a time a customer have to upload upto 300 MB.I =am planning to use Jquery uploadify for mass upload. My server configuration is
Premium Storage 20GB
Dedicated RAM 512MB
Network Transfer 350GB

Please post your taught on uploadify methods and server credentials

I think much of changes will be on server capabilities as well as bandwidth enough to cover the intended customers


Thank you for your time.

Welcome :)

Please post your taught on uploadify methods and server credentials

Me? I own no server, no!
Best advice I will give you is start with what you have and expand as needed. Only you need to make files uploaded available for a given period of time before crone scheduled script erases the off!

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