I have a form containing saveral textbox name1,name2....name50 & father1,father2........father50. what is the best way for desigining and submiting this form and stored in mysql
thank u

name them with "array notation" syntax:

<input name="name[1]" />
<input name="father[1]" />

<input name="name[2]" />
<input name="father[2]" />

<input name="name[50]" />
<input name="father[50]" />

Then, when you post the data, that index will be used to find the related records:

//on every iteration, $numKey will vary from 1 to 50
//essentially setting $name to name[1], name[2],..., name[50] on every iteration AND
//the corresponding father[$numKey]
foreach( $_POST['father'] as $numKey=>$v )