I'm undergraduate of computer engineering student & doing my final year project based on

Vehicles and Drivers Management System for Computer Engineering Students.
i will think doing

  • Easy scheduling of Vehicles
  •  Here the employees of the company can request a vehicle through the system and system will allow doing the section as the choice of employee.
  •  The system will show the availability of vehicle scheduling charts in day wise or vehicle wise ect..
  •  After make a request the system will send a SMS or Email to the employee regarding his request
  •  Perfect Management of Vehicle maintained and administration
  •  Here the system will generate the automatic reminders about the expiration of vehicle license and insurance documents for each vehicle.
  •  Can confirmly identify the problems of vehicles as the system will keep the complains from employees and drivers about the condition of vehicle.
  •  Vehicle servicing data will remind by the system and the does not allow to request the serviceable vehicles.
  •  Perfect management of vehicle cost
  •  The system will keep the about the total cost (maintenance, administration) of each vehicle.
  •  The running cost of the vehicle can find out with the help of administration maintenance records of each vehicle.
  •  Reducing the fuel fronds
  •  Fuel filling is allowed only in authorized stations and drivers should provide all the information (station, date, and cost) to the system regards his filling.

Any one can give me ideas regarding this topic..

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