Hi not too sure if this has been asked on this forum, i've checked but couldnt find one that explains my situation exactly. So if i missed a thread, apologies.

Question is: I am busy setting up a software selling site. How would i go about pinging the developers servers when a purchase is made; so that their servers can send the license codes for the software directly to the client or to me. I want this to be all automated, but dont have a clue where to start to set something like this up. My payment methods is via paypal, so i want it that once paypal notifies me of a purchase, the developers servers are notified and automatically responds.

Hope this makes sense, and apologies again if this question has been asked already.


Thanks for the link. It's alot of info that should get me around the basics. Been researching about it as much as i can.
If anyone still has a specific breakdown, it would help even more.