Hi not too sure if this has been asked on this forum, i've checked but couldnt find one that explains my situation exactly. So if i missed a thread, apologies.

Question is: I am busy setting up a software selling site. How would i go about pinging the developers servers when a purchase is made; so that their servers can send the license codes for the software directly to the client or to me. I want this to be all automated, but dont have a clue where to start to set something like this up. My payment methods is via paypal, so i want it that once paypal notifies me of a purchase, the developers servers are notified and automatically responds.

Hope this makes sense, and apologies again if this question has been asked already.


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Thanks for the link. It's alot of info that should get me around the basics. Been researching about it as much as i can.
If anyone still has a specific breakdown, it would help even more.

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