I need to use a Web conferencing system that does not require a download. I tried using one that uses Java but several of my clients had problems because their JVM was not compatible or they did not have a JVM installed. Is there a Web conferencing system with no download that does not require Java?

The GoMeetNow system has a mode they call Universal Attendance – there is no requirement of any download whatsoever. This will sure do the job for you.


Yeah Gomeetnow is the good option . It provides support for attendees on windows, mac, linux, unix, iPhone etc.

See Gomeetnow doesn't require any kinda download. It provides multi-functional web conferencing for both pc and mac. Its universal attendance technology ensures that everyone can join the meeting with no download whatsoever, supporting attendees on windows, mac, linux, unix, or iPhone. It can also be used for remote pc access.