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So I'm scripting a socket based project in PHP, And now I've got to the stage where I'm needing to start accepting user input, What worries me is that PHP can't do two things & once (I.E Spawning & waiting for input from an interface & listening for new connections).

To my knowledge there are two major interface builders for PHP, GTK-PHP & Winbinder, I've been trying the latter but when the window is spawned & your script is performing other things, The window will freeze until you come back to it's part in the script.

So my question is, Firstly is this possible, & Secondly how?

Thanks Bye!

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You cant do that, you MUST use JavaScript, PHP only respond to browser what servers loaded. E.I: You cant play a game meanwhile you are not seen the screen... You need a response, the server will response what the PHP code will process...


js will perform some of what you may need (along with typical ajax applications).

BTW: are you Mr. Threepwood?

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