I want to search data through multiple drop down, using different tables in database just like if user want to search "data" field recode then he select Normal Resumes (radio button) and select drop down for search and same thing i want in "special" table in database.. i have attached my search engine pic please check

also im attaching my search.php page (search engine handler) i know I didn't complete the code if im wrong please complete my code and help me




<div id="header">  <br /><br /><h1>
<div id="menu">
 <a href="kesc.php">HOME PAGE</a></div>
<div id="sidebar_left"><br />


// Otherwise we connect to our Database
mysql_select_db("corporat_kesc") or die("Unable to select database"); 
echo "Search Results:";

//Now we search for our search term, in the field the user specified
$data = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM data WHERE code like '%$keyword%' 
OR candidate_name LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR gender LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR l_qualification LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR major LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR l_institute LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR contact LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR email  LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR current_employer  LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR current_designation LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR current_experience LIKE '%$keyword%'
OR total_experirence LIKE '%$keyword%'


echo"Field Is Empty! Please try again!";

else {

echo "
<table border=1 bordercolor='000000' width=100%>
<tr bgcolor='#A4B9D2' style='font-family:arial' style='font-size: 10px;'>
<th>Code No</th>
//And we display the results
while($result = mysql_fetch_assoc($data))
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['code'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['candidate_name'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['gender'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['email'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['contact'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['l_qualification'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['major'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['l_institute'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['current_employer'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['current_designation'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center"> '.$result['current_experience'].'</td>';
	echo '<td align="center">'.$result['total_experirence'].'</td>';

echo '</tr>';
echo '</table>';
//This counts the number or results - and if there wasn't any it gives them a little message explaining that
if ($anymatches == 0)
echo "Sorry, but we can not find an entry to match your query...<br><br>";
  <br />
  <table width="100%" height="50" border="0" align="right">
      <td align="left"><span class="style7"><?php echo mysql_num_rows($data)." Result(s) Found!";?></span></td>
      <td align="right"><?php 
				$hourplus = "5";$adjusteddate = date("l, d F Y h:i a",time() + ($hourplus * 3600));print ("$adjusteddate");

  <br />
  <br />
<table width="100%" height="58" border="0">
    <td height="54" align="center" valign="middle"><img src="images/line.gif" width="991" height="1" />
      <span class="style14">Copyrights 2010 <br />
    Powered By: Corporate Services</td>

Can anybody help me?

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