hi ,
i am making an internal social networking application for my small organisation where i work .i have a list of all employee names in a mssql 2000 database that are the names of 5000 employees of the company one by one arranged in rows in a single coloumn of a table . i have a folder ,i want to make .aspx files/pages in that folder ,the file name should be same as names of the person in database coloumn.can any help me with codes to automatically make the .aspx pages with the same names as it is in database coloumn.(note that folder will not take any duplicate values(name will not be repeated)) .i am making application using asp.net 2.0.file will be automatically created in the folder as soon as new name is entered in database.its very difficult to make 5000 aspx page with each employee name and it will be difficult to make new pages again and again after new employees names are entered.so i want that files will be automatically created after employee names are registered.

thanks in advance.

hoping for help for someone.

It seems a bit redundant to create 5000 files when you have a perfectly capable programming language at your finger tips....

User.aspx?Name=John Doe

Set SQL Datasource with a QueryParameter to select the information...?
If the purpose of the 5000+ files is to see something like www.yourco.com/johndoe.aspx then maybe look into URL ReWriting


If you absolutely must have 5000 files... *shudders* then let me know and I will help you create them...but man... you have a database and asp.net.... your being counter productive.