i have an external hdd and it has self installed software that comes with a website.
when i click on the site launcher it gives a js error.

function loadResourceFile(file) { var req = window.XMLHttpRequest ? new XMLHttpRequest() : (window.ActiveXObject ? ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") : null ); if(req!=null) { req.open("GET",file,true); req.send(null); } }

the harddrive is a hitachi lifestudio harddrive. anyone know why it isnt working properly?

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The script is attempting to do some AJAX (Google it if you don't already know what AJAX is) to get a data file from somewhere (probably a remote server).

Reading betweeen the lines (I'm guessing), the site is provided on a disk and the script was tested several years ago on IE5/6, which allowed cross domain AJAX. Earlier and later versions of IE and (IIRC) all other browsers won't play ball with cross-domain AJAX (I've been there recently).

If I'm right, then possible solutions are :

  • Launch the provided website in IE5/6.
  • Visit the Hitachi site and see if they have an online version (typically in the Product Support section or similar).
  • Make a copy of the site and edit loadResourceFile() to include a call to Flensed's flXHR object as an alternative to XMLHttpRequest() / ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"). I can personally vouchsafe that flXHR is an excellent near-universal workaround for cross-domain AJAX - well the best I have found to date (the Flensed site gives full instructions). If anyone knows better, please do tell.

Of course, there may another explanation. Anyone?


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