I have developed a few simple projects using Netbeans IDE.They contain JSPs,Servlets,Java Classes and i use Mysql as database.Please guide me how to place them on will the databse work.I have created (exported) a .sql (dump file) of my databse.
I Understand that i will have to register a domain name,and buy web space.kindly guide me on that too. I am unable to find proper info on the internet.

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Googling "Web hosting" brings up numerous options from hundreds of companies. Should have no difficulty. Unless sir is staying in Kowloon Wallen City.


Firstly to understand your reply i had to google Kowloon Wallen City.
That was quite rude.
Well you are right,but could you just give me a useful link.

If you search JSP section you would find few older posts asking/suggesting some Java web hosting companies. I heard of some free hosting, but this is always heavily overloaded with advertising and you do not have access to server (you have to always ask for restart and other stuff). So either get shared server or private.

Thanks i will do as you suggested .

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