Hi everyone,

I need to modify a website created with Smarty. Pretty big website. I have 2 questions.

1. When I try to access index.php, instead of webpage I get screen full of characters. How to see the pages? Guess I need to install smarty, but even their "quick installation" guide is Greek to me.

2. Can I get rid of this Smarty somehow, other than writing the whole website from scratch, which I'm seriously considering.

3. If at the end of the day I'm still forced to use this ugly redundant thing, can it be mixed with plain php coding (I need to add some features to the site, so I'd rather just write them like it should be done)

Any help highly appreciated.

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1. Smarty uses .tpl files in a templates directory. These are the files you need to edit.
2. Yes you can, but then you need to merge the smarty templates into your php files somehow. Probably a lot of work.
3. Yes, multiple ways, either through coding in the templates, or writing functions and/or plugins.

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