I am looking to get some help as to how I can create a script that does an Instant live search which displays results as I type:

For Instance:

1) I arrive at a page and it has all lists of members from a database already displayed.
2) Then as someone types in the search box the results change to what the user has typed in the search box taking away the need for a submit button just as an example.

An example of what I am looking for can be seen on a website called


I know that PHP and MySQL will be used to query the database but don't know how I would use Jquery to display the original results as someone first visits the site, then I don't know how to display the new results as someone types it in the search box ???

Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated.....


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Thanks for your response, I have already looked at that version, is there anyway to do it without XML ?


Xml that they have used is nothing more than collection of data & they giving matching records as a result.
If you want to use data from the tables just fetch your data by query & apply logic as per your need...


Okay thanks for your help, I'll shall give it a go and let you know how it goes...


you don't necessarily have to use XML when pulling information from a database, but it helps to format it. You can use AJAX to get live results as you are typing, which does involve xml, but again, you don't necessarily have to use it.

I have written a few searches very close to what you want (except I don't display everything when you first land on the page) and never touched xml. You also can use pure javascript if you don't know jquery, but jquery is cross browser compatible, and not everyone has javascript enabled, either - so keep that in mind.

Javascript/jQuery just puts the retrieved information on the page, php makes the queries against your database, and ajax is the middleman to communicate between php/mysql and javascript/jQuery

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