I've bought a hosting space from a hosting space provider for my website. It is a Windows 2008 Server.

I have an enquriy form that needs to be submitted to my email. I'm using a simple php mail program for that.

But I'm getting "HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error". See the screen capture of the error. Can you assist me with what needs to be done?

My hosting provider is not able to resolve this issue. Is there any configuration they need to do in IIS?

Here's the link to the form: http://www.titasfoodpoint.com/titasform.html (i'm using this for testing purpose).


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This happens when I just open the send_form_email.php page too.
As you've not included your code for this page, it is almost impossible to say what's causing it. Try isolating bits of your code (commenting them out with /* */) to see which bit is causing the offence. The fact that I see an Internal Error when no data has been passed to it suggests that the error resides in a common part of the page as opposed to the 'send mail' code.

Thanks for your reply.
Here's the code: http://www.titasfoodpoint.com/code.txt

From yesterday it is showing this error (500). Previously, it doesn't show up anything..it used to display a blank page only and I don't get the email also.

I tested this program in linux hosting server and found that it is working fine there.

However, other simple PHP like Hello World programs work fine here (windows, URL: www.titasfoodpoint.com/phpform.html).

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks again!

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Make this a real php tag. Don't think this will sort it though.

Is anything wrong in that syntax?

That depends on your php configuration file. When short_open_tag is On, then


is NOT a problem, but if it is Off, then you would get runtime errors. Simply add php to the opening tag:

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