Hello Developer,

I am having problem to passing parameter from one user control to another user control.
I am developing an application that have reusable functionality , so I converted each aspx page into .ascx page(i.e. User control) of my application which is perfactly run in aspx page.
But here is problem to pass values using query string from one user control to another user control on hyper link.

I am very thankful to you ,if U will able to solve my problem.

Regards Pari@13

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Can you please tell me, where do you handled the click event of custom control?

You can use event bubbling for sending values in querystring. Write and Handle Event in Page .aspx.cs and redirect user to another page.


Hi Ritesh,
Thanks So much to Reply,
U are right on bubbling event for sending values .but U are write for event handeled on .aspx.cs page.
Now problem is there, I am calling one control to another So,
Is this any way to handled event on that particular custoum control?

In my application only one aspx page(suppose Home.aspx) and I am using all the custom contols in this page. there are 13 user controls.which are conected througt link.
and my question is on passing values on this link.
U know, that on hyper link we can redirect to aspx page and not .ascx(control).and here I need to redirect on user contorl.

one thing also I want to say, that whenever conrol is redirect to another control,URL remain same (home.aspx) it's like ajax. Only control changed.

I hope U will be able to get.
once again Thanks for Reply.

Regards Parimal.

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