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Hi All

I am trying to add a no under 18's feature to my register page. I have got a simple function which uses the year of birth but I am not sure what to do for the day and month.
Here is the code. If someone could help me with the day and month, I would be very grateful.
Thanks in advance


function GetAge($DOB) {

  list($Year, $Month, $Day) = explode("-",$DOB);

  $YearDifference  = date("Y") - $Year;

  $MonthDifference = date("m") - $Month;

  $DayDifference   = date("d") - $day;

  if ($DayDifference < 0 || $MonthDifference < 0) {



  return $YearDifference;


$year = 1995;
    echo "Too Young";
else echo "Old enough";
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