hi ,,,

i have create php page code for show booking online

and for free seat is come green color if paid red color and... blah blah

is working fine but can you fix it to be better and fast browseing page

this PHP file and MySql



waiting Answer thanks

As far as i understand, your code is slow because the php server is taking much more time to process.
So I think your color is according to the status so why you write those code for every ticket, rather then you can write only 3 if conditions for 'block,free, and paid' only once.

And try to put those ticket listing in a loop.
Hope this might work.

thanks for replay,,,

did you have any idea or code to give me


You are doing a lot of hand coding there. hoooop

I dont remember the last time i did this. Very time consuming and slow.

Try more iteration functions. Thats whay they were made for.
It will cut your code from 500 lines to 200 or less i think.

:) explore

ok what the best why to create code php

for booking seats for show i have 2000 seat i want block,paid,free

and i have for 1 day more in 3 times show

how i can create best code of my code see ^^^ up ^^^ you will see my php file and sql



1.You have 2000 seats in the hall,
2. You want block.php

or what?????

what is block,paid,free thing????
Can you please come out with some good flow chart.
Explore :)

when i block seat is come background color black if is free green when paid red all same file or what you what to do but i want it work :)

you can ue my files to know my idea and what i do

thanks very much

my seats From A to Z and every litter like A or B have 40 seat


I will have to download your script and go through. can you reload your script again.

this time mark where you think needs attention. how much time do you have at hane before your deadline?

Explore :)

i have time for 10 days :)

Thats a lot of time. just mark when you think gives you problems on your file and upload it to me via PM ok?

you want me upload files and send it to you by pm ?