I'm doing a site for a client and they want a blog and an articles area. What i imagined doing was designing the homepage in html/css/jquery etc...and then install WordPress through cPanel for the blog and the article area. I have a choice i need some help with, do i either install wordpress and create two categories "blog" and "article" and benefit from WordPress' easy sitemap/SEO/publishing posts/URL friendly naming but have to hack one of the Themes to make it look exactly like the rest of the site. Or do i install wordpress but create pages myself (which will look like the rest of the site) and use Wordpress PHP loops to grab posts etc. The sitemapping wont work and it probably wont be SEO friendly! Any advice from PHP/WordPress experts?? Thanks

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i think everything out of those can be simply done with/in wordpress

I would do it all in wordpress. You can create a page in wordpress and then set that page as the homepage. This way you don't have to create a home page(html, css) and then also create the theme for the blog.

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