I want to Create a row as the same as above



    <INPUT type="button" value="Add Row"/>


    <TABLE id="dataTable" width="350px" border="1">
        <tr bgcolor="#0099FF">
    <th width="88" bgcolor="#66CCFF" scope="col">Code</th>
    <th width="289" bgcolor="#66CCFF" scope="col">Product</th>
    <th width="35" bgcolor="#66CCFF" scope="col">Qty</th>
    <th width="144" bgcolor="#66CCFF" scope="col">Rate</th>
    <th width="146" bgcolor="#66CCFF" scope="col">Value</th>

<!----- Same as this Row -----!>
      <select id="code"  onChange="ajaxFunction()">
echo '<option value="'.$id.'">'.$code.'</option>';
    <td><input name="proname" type="text" id="proname" size="50" readonly="readonly" /></td>
      <input NAME="qty" type="text" id="qty" size="2" onchange="CalculateTotal1()"  />
    <td><input name="rate" type="text" id="rate"  onchange="CalculateTotal2()"/></td>
    <td><input name="tot" type="text" id="tot" readonly="readonly" />


<!----- END of Row -----!>

    <td><input name="textfield4" type="text" id="textfield4" readonly="readonly" /></td>


You want to create that row via javascript?
In this case you can add an id to the row, then find that element by id, and copy it's innerHTML.