Hello friends

As you know, the way to manage the code that you write, is very importnant.
By manage, I mean that you have a good way to know where to control the core of the project, the objects' act, and managing separating view from object core.

As I've reasearched, the best (and one of the most popular) way to go is MVC (Model, View, Control).

I think I've got what each one is, and does, but don't really know how to WRITE the framework using MVC.

The simplest manual code (the shortest article!!!) is this but I don't still understand what it exactly does.

Do you know any manual and simple (I just want them to be understandable, and work. I will extend it myself according to my later and more proffessional needs)?

Other manual MVC PHP frameworks I've found on the net:

Thank you, and sorry for my bad english!

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The first article you posted has a very concise description of this layout. It describes the class architecture you will use (study object oriented programming in PHP), including the use of abstract, super, and sub classes. It also defines the most common and most helpful methods to define for each class. For the purpose of actual coding, these are the basic things you need to know:

Model: SQL functions. Learn SQL itself and the PHP functions for working with your database of choice (ie. MySQL, Oracle, whatever).

View: Templates, optionally

Controller: OOP concepts should cover it as this just connects the other two classes in a logical manner.

And definitely look at the sample architecture for download at the bottom of that page.

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