I downloaded WAMP to run PHP scripts with database.
Everything worked fine at first, but suddenly something went wrong.
I saved phptest.php into the folder phptest in the folder WWW.
It worked with http://localhost/phptest/phptest.php at first, but suddenly it says each time I enter that url, that "www.localhost.no" is not found. wtf?
So then I try with, but it stands that connection was cancelled while a page was loading!

EDIT: http://localhost/phptest/ works all the time, it shows the list of files in the folder.

Please help me! :confused:

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here is mine, see if you have your server online or try to reset server in wamp settings?

Must it be online? It worked when it was offline.
EDIT: also, it did not work by resetting the WAMP

Oh! I just found out where the problem occurs:

If I remove mysql_close()or die(mysql_error());, then it works! But why won't it work else?

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