Can anyone help me on how I can create a simple javscript music player, that will play the music randomly or sequentially. Which will have the play and pause button only.
and on hover over the play or pause button, it will display the music name and download link option.


I can offer a strategy:

  1. Choose your player (WMP, Real etc.)
  2. If available, download and thumb through the player's SDK. If not available, then read whatever documentation is available. You should find instructions on (a) skinning and/or (b) custom ebmedding, typically with worked examples.
  3. Create artwork - use eg Photoshop to create the look & feel that you want (If you don't want your own look & feel, then do a simple embed and forget everything else).
  4. Follow the instructions for skinning/embedding. This may involve splitting your artwork into individual component graphics (typically gifs) and will certainly involve writing some code - XML/XHTML/Javascript depending on the player and the approach adopted.

Good luck.