hey all i just got a training in a visual studio 2008 for developing sites which have their ext as .aspx and have database and all that work done usink linq

now i want to create a site for me and before i start developing it i just want to ask which hosting i should buy when the site is ready, will it be windows hosting or is there any thing special i have to ask from my hosting company?
and what will i need to have for database


You have to look for Windows hosting providers. Look out for a web hosting plan/package that have .Net framework support with at least one SQL database provided for your website. Most hosting providers will give you access to the web server location using FTP.
You will be able to deploy your aspx files using this FTP. For database management and maintenance , most of them do comes with a custom Control panel administrative page where you can customize you database.

If you are hosting a content that have lot of media streaming ( like video) then look for a package that have higher bandwidth usage.

so all i have to get is windows hosting with .net framewrok support and sql database, is there any version for that i have to specify with .net framework and sql database as i m using visual studio 2008 it is .net 3.5