i have taken one mster page in my project. in that one image is there, that image is not displayed in other pages which are related to that master page.
i have tried to change image extension also but it didnt work.

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Is the filepath to the image file correct?

Could you provide us with an extract of the code which isn't working?


file url is correct for master page. on master page is displaying image. but on the other pages image is not displayed. there is no such code for image.

<asp:Image ID="Image1" runat="server" Height="40px" ImageUrl="~/App_Data/actuallogo.JPG"
            Width="280px" />

this is simple code i have written in master page.


as per my knowledge, i think when we write any code in master page that will automaticaly reflect in other pages.
Pls see the following attchament which will give u idea wht i m trying so say.

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What does the source show for where the image is? (When clicking view source on the loaded web page). It looks like it's trying to load the image but can't find it.

<img id="ctl00_Image1" src="App_Data/actuallogo.JPG" style="height:40px;width:280px;border-width:0px;" />

above code is in view source of loaded web page.


Is that filepath correct? It's pointing to the folder "App_Data" which it's assuming is in the same folder as the file. It seems to me that the filepath may be wrong.


is this issue with image extension?

If the file extension is .jpg and your link ends with .jpg then it shouldn't be a problem. You could always try putting it in lower case although it shouldn't be case sensitive.

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